Happy new year!

Last edited: 3rd February 2023


The fourth year of this decade has started. 2022 has been pretty bad for me, however, I will not try to be too pessimistic because I don't think that I can say that this has been 2023 for me. In fact, 2021 and 2022 have been very impactful for me. A good example would be this website, which has been created on the 3rd of July 2022. Another important thing that happened in 2022 is the Sprinkled Nights Project. I started naming myself to Sprinkled Nights on the 5th of January 2022

Now let's talk about 2023

Yet another year of people trying to set goals for a year (lol), but I mean you can't blame them. Many of them want to forget about those years where they have failed, and a new year is like wiping bad moments out. 2022 actually had a pretty positive effect to me, but also a pretty negative. I will not talk about it any further for the sake of my sanity and privacy, though I can tell that it has definitely taken me a lot of motivation. I hope that 2023 will be like 2022 for me, but without all the bad things. Bad things will happen, but hopefully not as often as they happened in 2022

For 2023, I gave me these "goals", and at the end of this year I can see if I failed them or not:

  1. Findng more friends ;-;
  2. Trying to do 10 push ups every day
  3. Trying to brush my teeth 3 times a day
  4. Working on my website more
  5. Learning to code
  6. Eating less junk food

With that in mind, happy new year guys! ^-^